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ERF2016 Workshop:
How Do We Surpass Current Barriers to Efficient Deployment of New Robotics in Industry?

Day 1 (21st March 2016) at European Robotics Forum 2016
Time: 16.15 – 17.45
You can check here the Programme for the ERF2016.


Jon Azpiazu, Department of Applied Cybernetics, SINTEF, Norway

Lars Dalgaard, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

Adam Dabrowski, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, PIAP , Poland


A key element when bringing some of the newer robotic applications into industry is to do it in an efficient way. Quite often researchers focus on bringing our research into TRL 5 or 6, but we underestimate the effort required to raise these prototypes into TRL 9. Often also, the requirements set for doing a prototype validation or demonstration are not the same as for an actual system in an operational environment in terms of reliability, robustness and so on.

In order for robot research to have a bigger impact, we should try to make the road between research and industry more agile.

Some of the questions that we will try to answer during the workshop are:


Information for participants

Participants will be asked to provide with concepts and ideas for the brainstorming session. It would be useful if participants have access to some device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) able to connect to the Internet. Other means of participation will be provided in case this is not available.